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19 May 2012 @ 11:31 pm
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Once upon a time, I used to be quite embarrassed about fangirling. It was something I hugged and whispered to in the dark of night and suppressed in polite company. Then I grew up and realize this is so not going away, so I figured may as well give into the dark side. Officially. Hence, this is my confession to the world that "Yes, I'm fangirl. Hear me flail spastically."

Obviously not really a journal of substance or ponderous thoughts. But sometimes in real life, all you need is a good dose of keyboard smash and flailing madness because it's so much more fun that way!
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06 February 2014 @ 04:19 pm
Title: MayWard Snippets
Pairing: Melinda May/ Grant Ward, Agents of Shield
Rating: Slight PG-13 for implications ;)
Author's Note: Several snippets that are less than 200 words each and with each letter taking from S.H.I.E.L.D

There are many things Ward has to sacrifice to join S.H.I.E.L.D such as living anywhere for longer than a month or giving up that childhood dream of having six rottweilers. But the one thing that he missed the most was having a good night sleep. Even if he was on stand down, his highly trained senses never allowed him to be fully rested with every bump in the night equating to a full force invasion. So when Ward woke up the morning after their first night together and realized he had slept straight through, he chalked it up to a fluke. But when all the subsequent mornings found him equally rested, Ward realized there was only one reason for this phenomenon.

And that reason was Melinda May.
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13 January 2014 @ 11:29 am

I love making New Year's Resolutions and I also do a lovely job breaking them (usually on the day of -_-) but that never deter me from trying again the next year. Hope/delusions sprung eternal and all that. This year I managed to write down my resolutions not on the 1st nor the 2nd but all the way to the 12th days of 2014 because procrastination, thy name is Rossi. On a tangential note, I've given up hope of putting down "Procrastinate less" on my list of resolutions since I know how bleak of a dream that is.

This year one of my resolutions is to take at least 2 courses for academic improvement since I had a horrible realization last year of how little I remember from my education in subjects such as history or math. So for 2014, I will take advantages of all this awesome resources on the net to lessen the stupidity.

Website listing Free Academic Resources:

Two that I'm really liking for their offers:


I'm planning to take this seminar when it starts in February, which is nice in that it will give me a bit of prepping time in organizing my schedule so I can take the class properly. 
09 January 2014 @ 11:13 am

I just finished my first book of the year which was read front to back in a span of 2 days and lest you think that's impressive, I would have to burst your bubble by confessing that the book is only about 300 pages, written between Children and Young Adult's level, and frankly not that good. I'm talking about "Love Notes from the Vinegar House".


With such a title and appropriately creepy looking cover, I was hoping for a lot more Gothic element and what I got was a lot of shallow teenage angst which as this post attested is really not my favorite thing in the world. But my friend so wanted the book that I had to ask my aunt in Australia to get it for her so I thought there must be something to warrant such desire. I was wrong.

To be fair, it's not a bad read since it's decently written and the author did a good job describing all that embarrassing, manic, possessive, and stupidly pervasive feelings of first crush. We've all been there, I imagined. But that's where the good bits end cause other than that, I really don't see any point to this book. It's basically boils down to "Girl's in love with childhood friend, childhood friend went out with girl's cousin but this somehow is still entirely girl's cousin's fault (side eyeing so hard this "the other woman is a bitch" trope), girl has to stay in a creepy house with old fashioned Grandma, childhood friend is now miraculously in love with girl. End". And I'm left with a feeling of "That's it?!"

Final Thought: MEH!


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31 December 2013 @ 12:06 pm
As this time rolls around, we're awash in a sea of "SPECIAL PERFORMANCES!" of different music station which for as long as I've been into Kpop tend to be also awash in crappy camera work (like seriously, Korea, why the shoddy sucky ass camera works?! You guys put on a show every.single.week! Can you please look to your neighbor, Japan, and learn from them? Like not only do they have their basic shite together, they actually manage to give every single person on stage a moment to shine and not camera bias on one single singer?) and technical difficulties. But still I watch in the hope of seeing some fabulous collaborative stage.

I've hadn't time to skim through most of the Year End Music Shows performances yet but from the few I've watched, the below is hands down my favorite. Two strong charismatic female singers taking the stage, actually collaborating, and owning every single moment like the bosses that they are? FANGILRING SPASTIC LOVEEEE!

12 December 2013 @ 01:39 pm

When I first saw the teaser for "Cruel City", it definitely went on my "To Watch" list since I'm always a sucker for those sleek noir like setting. Plus, despite that it's rarely done right, I really like the "revenge-turn-to-love" trope cause its inherent premise is so fraught with conflicts. Sadly though, I found very few credible fictional works that make this trope work in a believable way. However, I had major hesitations in starting this drama because one I know it will  sucker punch me with its angst and I need to be prepared for that and two, I really am not fond of the lead actress, Nam Gyuri. I have major misgivings with her facial expressions (read:none) and her wide eyes tend to creep me out a bit.

But last week, my friend started to watch this after reading all the raving comments on Dramabeans so on a lark, I decided to watch too. And OH MY GOD!!!!!!! Two words: Doctor's Son. *ovaries exploding*
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because that's what I'm doing with "Heirs" and according to some very irked Internet strangers, I should only watch something with worshipful attitude. But snark is so fun yo!

Anyway, I continue to read "Heirs" recaps/ skimming it despite my growing impatient with 99.9% of it (the 0.1% is reserved for the adorableness that is Chan Young and Bo Na, especially Bo Na cause she cracks me up with her dimness and shameless outpouring of love. Also hot sunbae has a tiny bit of love as well but since they dropped any potential pairing of him with hot tutor and directing his ship towards Rachel, I ain't feeling the whole thing as much. I still appreciate his face a lot though!)


It's now a case of me having to finish this crap out of spite because it provides so much snark fodder for me and my friend. But you know what though? Even that is losing its steam because when a drama is this bad, you end up growing indifference and all the snark is growing to be too vanilla because it's just too easy! My main pet peeve with this drama is that it sets up a world so rich in conflict and goes nowhere with it. Like for example, Hot Sunbae/Hyo Shin- his situation with his parents are fraught with dramatic realism and we don't get to explore that at all instead we focus on a pairing that just goes around and around because "love is my pain~~~"

This is basically my face/real emotions towards anything that involved Tan and Eun Sang.
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07 December 2013 @ 10:39 pm
I've an odd style when it comes to watching Asian drama. It always take a very compelling force for me to start anything since I know with my obsessive nature I will just plow through it at all the detriment of sleep, productivity and sanity. I don't have the same issues with Western shows because those last for seasons so my mind know instinctively to pace myself whereas with the narrative contained arc of one season, Asian show tends to bring out the obsessive compulsive trait in me where I just need to know what the end game is! So despite knowing a lot of dramas, especially Korean ones, I ended up watching a much smaller amount since I just rely on recaps. It always take a lot to get me going when starting a new drama since I need to be in the right emotional head space for whatever I decided to watch (drama watching is serious business, didn't you know?) so a lot of the time I end up re-watching series or bits and pieces of different dramas that I've watched and loved to distraction.

One of the most often re-watched dramas for me is Shinya Shokudo (Late Night Diner)- both seasons. I call this my comfort food drama because its less than 30 mins ep allow me just enough time to unwind and not so time consuming that I end up wasting another hour or so in front of the computer. And most appropriately, my favorite comfort food drama is about food.


I love the simple set up of this drama which is 30 mins vignettes of the people who visit this diner in Tokyo, that's only opened from 12am to 7am. The place is run by a man with scar on his face who's known as "Master". He only have 4 items on his menu, 3 of which are alcohol (but he will only allow you the maximum of 3 servings of alcohol in his establishment), but he will make you whatever you wish as long as he's able to. And he will make it with exquisite skill. The food styling in the show is spectacular! I'm not sure how the drama can make a bowl of steaming white rice with a dab of butter on it to be so mouth watering that I always make sure to be eating something while watching, otherwise it's a lesson in minor torture. Each episode is centered around one dish that has significant meaning to whichever patron that wanders into this tiny place. With its odd hours, the diner is meant to attract lost souls, those who found themselves just a bit bereft despite the opulence and vivacity of the city around them.  Some of the stories are sweet (shy lovers who have their meet cute over a plate of egg sandwiches), some of the stories are sad (that plate of red octopus shaped sausage for the cancer stricken woman who's loved by both friends), and others are comical (those three single women and their rice topping choices!), but all of them tug at the heart string because what this show does so well is subtly highlighting the goodness in people and the importance of human connection. We all need a space of our own but we also need to be reassured of the fact that despite how dark our thoughts sometimes take us, no one is truly alone.

I don't recommend this drama for everyone because it takes a specific type of personality for this drama to appeal to but if you like quite unassuming series with subtle messages about humanity, then definitely take a bite out of this one!
02 December 2013 @ 05:44 pm
So a new favorite from boys who are way too young for me to perve after so fortunately, I just like them for their music. hur. I think this duo, Tasty (yes, that's their name. -_-)  has been around since last year but it's only recently that I dig their song. Their new release "Day n Night" just reminds me of 90's boy band music which I love with no shame whatsoever. It took me forever to get that the two boys are actual twin cause I just started watching their vid without knowing anything about them and I was like "wuh? How did you get a hair style change within 2 secs?!" The left one reminds me of Kim Jae Wook (yes, I realize they're twin so you know same face and all but I guess that one's hair just increase the Jae Wook-ness) and I've a soft spot for him because he's a damn fine actor, who continues to be wasted in 2nd lead role! *shake fist in impotent anger*

For some reason, their dance moves during the chorus just reminds me of N'Sync's "Tearing up my heart". And oh wow, I can't find a YT clip of that video at all. And double wow at bad 90s fashion choices.

I also got into BAP recently which I've resisted before because their name just reminds me of PAP Smear. ha! But another day of YT random clicking got me to this song, which I quite dig, cause the chorus is awesome.

Which then lead me to this song, which I quite love.

Gone are the days when I'm super crazy about a Kpop group (*coughrunningafterSS501barefootdaycough*) but I still jam to Kpop like a boss!
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30 November 2013 @ 11:56 pm
25. I'm grateful for music. Music is sometimes the only way for me to get through a plodding work day, music is sometimes the only way for me to go to that space I need in a difficult day, and sometimes music is the only way for me to express that rush of happiness as I dance spastically in the car. I've little prejudice when it comes to music. I listen to anything and everything as long as it sounds good to my ears. However I tend to prefer songs in a language I can't understand cause sometimes I can't shut my mind off and I get distracted by all the incredibly bad lyrics. it's one of the reasons why I switched to Asian pop music in the first place because I couldn' stand all the inane or vulgar lyrics of English songs. With that said, I've no qualm to loving songs like "P.I.M.P' b/c oh man, catchy tune is hella catchy!

Discovered this duo through random clicking of YT vids and OMG! WHY SO AWESOME?! I meant they're playing the piano on the Freaking Great Wall of China, you guys! How ridiculously amazing is that?!

26. I'm gratefult that today means I'm seeing my brother tomorrow. I've to squire him around after work beause he needs to get corrective LASIK surgery. We're 6 years apart but that number means nothing in the context of the degree of closeness because we can and do talk to each other about everything.  He's not only an older sibling, not only a protector, not only a friend, but the pillar of support that I can always count on. Plus we always have a good time together!


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